Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I truly believe that those tiny human beings are the most easily entertained creatures. They are so innocent and curious that anything and everything would work when trying to get a smile from them as long as they feel the love and care (and obviously as long as their essential needs are met).

kids having funThis easy peasy activity does not really require anything apart from a muslin wrap/scarf/a light piece of fabric and preferably two people. If you have an older child as well, this will be a nice little activity he/she may enjoy doing with you and the baby sister/brother (I manage to do it alone too at times). The other sibling can either help you do the activity by giving you a hand in holding the fabric or can lie down with the baby and enjoy it.
baby wrap

I often like to use a coloured muslin wrap or if possible a fabric with some patterns on it (Eg. some stars). However, if you only have a plain scarf, that will work too. The other thing that is optional but I like adding is a bit of classical music to the background.

All you need to do is that when your baby is nice and calm, put her on the floor facing to you. If you have a second person who can do this activity with you, the two of you hold the muslin wrap from each corner (two corners per person). So, the fabric is flat. With a smiley face, just move the scarf up and down slowly and just enjoy how much pleasure she has while you do that. Everytime the fabric comes closer to the baby, she is likely to move her arms and legs up to touch it and when the fabric goes further away from her and she can see your face again, she is likely to smile, or if lucky, perhaps even giggle. It is one easy, yet enjoyable and calming activity.

As they say, enjoy it while you can. These little moments when everyone is happy are all very precious and we should never take it for granted. It is also a period of time in life, both babyhood and parenthood, when little things can make us smile. Make the most of it!

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