Sunday, 27 November 2011



This overcast Sunday morning Mr. Junior got up begging us to take him to a museum where there are lots of dinosaurs on display. Explanation and distraction techniques haven't worked for us today. What do we do now? Help!


jazzy said...

Hi mrs lucky u r in luck coz scienceworks has a dinosaur exhibition running until April. It's called explor-a-Saurus and u can hear roaring dinosaurs all over the museum! While u r there don't forget to check out nitty gritty super city. It kept my toddler busy for hours! They also have a lovely outside play area and BBQ facilities. Enjoy 

Mrs. Lucky said...

Thank you so much jazzy for your very helpful comment! It is a must-see for us then. We will take Mr. Junior to Scienceworks as soon as possible. If anyone else is interested, here is the website of it:

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