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Hi and welcome! 
We are a family of four; Mr Junior, Miss Junior, Mr. Hubby and me, Mrs. Lucky. 
Even though I never claim to be much skillful around the house, my skills and interest in 'making things' go right back to childhood. I am one of those who believe learning never ends. I love anything that inspires me and one of my strengths as a person is to take what I believe is inspirational or useful from others and try to adapt it to my life. 
I try to promote a healthy, environmentally friendly, no-waste, organic and as close to natural as possible lifestyle in my family life and I will share as many of these positive aspects of what I have learnt so far with you as I can manage to with two young children. 
I also aim to share some easy-to-do-at-home kids activities as well as kids related articles as a part of my homemade treasures blog. 


Sleepy Buddy said...

Hi Mrs. Lucky,
My name is Caren and I love to reach out to sewers and crafter like me. I love what your are doing and I have a shop etsy
http://goo.gl/8tukf you might to check it out and send me yours. Have a happy Wednesday day, by the way I saw your project on pinterest in craft.

Mrs. Lucky said...

Hi Caren, welcome to my blog.

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