Thursday, 2 June 2016

Recipe: Silverbeet and Egg

Here is a recipe that I have always loved. It may not be the most photogenic meal, however, it is very healthy and totally delicious. It also is a great alternative to use large amounts of silverbeet or spinach leaves. Don't forget, those leaves can also be lightly blanched (or even raw if desired), cut into pieces and frozen in the freezer for later use. No more excuses not to include silverbeet and/or spinach in your diet anymore! 

Silverbeet or spinach recipe

Lots of onions, caramelised in olive oil,
Pepper paste
Cherry tomatoes
Silverbeet (or spinach)
Salt and black pepper to taste

Sautee onions in oil. Add paste. Add silverbeet leaves and sautee until nicely caramelised on low to medium heat. Add cherry tomatoes and keep stirring only for a  further few minutes. Add salt and pepper and mix well. Turn off heat, crack as many eggs as you wish (as a rule of thumb, I suggest one egg per person) and close the lid. The eggs will cook in its own heat in the pot. Once eggs are in the consistency that you like, you can serve.

Homegrown silverbeet