Thursday, 18 September 2014

We Have Adopted

A two month old lamb
Photo taken on 13/5/13
An orphan lamb. We welcomed her shortly after hearing her story. First her mother has passed away, then her twin sister. She needed some individual care and a place where she could access to appropriate food and care easily. She needed someone to take care of her and provide some individual attention, love and care for a few months, until she could be strong enough to live amongst other animals without the requirement of individual care as much. We have never looked after a lamb before, but we knew we would do our best to help her gain strength, be loved and cared for until she can survive in a farm by herself along with older sheep with some limited individual care. Therefore, we took the plunge and happily opened our doors to her. Well, 'The Girls' (our beautiful chickens) opened their doors to her. She is now sharing their home, which has definitely enough room for even more chickens or lambs. The girls go into their coop at nights while the lamb stays in the pen. During the day, they are all left free.

The girls: Isa brown chickens

The two photos below were taken when she first arrived at her new home greeted very warmly by Mr. and Miss Junior. This was two nights ago. It is believed that she is currently 6-8 weeks old.

This photo was taken yesterday. Her first day at her new home. She can hardly walk. She is extremely weak. She finds it hard to stand up. We are planning on massaging her knees with some olive oil tonight. We did some online search and also asked for some professional advice on what to feed her. It was advised that she had some milk (formula milk for lambs) to boost her immune system as well as gain some strength. We bought her some milk and bought a bottle too but unfortunately, there was not much luck in feeding her any of it. She definitely didn't appreciate it.

The last photo here is from today, her second day with us. For the first time in my life, I tried to bottle-feed an animal. Even though my kids never had bottles, it felt so natural to say things like "C'mon Mummy, it is good for you. C'mon, you can do it, just try to suck it a bit. Good girl". Even Mr. Junior was trying to encourage her, saying 'good job little girl'.  I feel like mothering her. Unfortunately, not very successfully at this stage though. She refused to drink any milk today as well. She slowly chews on some hay and fresh grass and we are planning to see whether she may be ready for pellets tonight. We are all excitedly awaiting the day when she can start walking properly and even jump around with a cheerful 'baaaa'.
Our little lamb

Note: This post was written and left in the drafts folder last year but I didn't have the courage or the motivation to publish it until now. Unfortunately, even after getting some professional help, she did not make it more than a few more days with us. It shook us a bit as a family but it is life. Rest in peace Little Girl! 
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Monday, 15 September 2014

Food Design (10)

Puppy themed food/dish design
It has been a while since I had shared with you some food/dish designs the last time. Here is another very cute and clever design I have found for you.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Guest Post: A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing a New Pendant Light Fixture

Installing a new pendant light can be as easy as removing an old fixture and installing a new one. There are two issues that can help make your installation easier. First, with the exclusion of large heavy chandeliers, most pendant lights are lightweight and fine for a standard ceiling box. This makes them easier to handle or to momentarily suspend from a ceiling box with a DIY wire hook. Additionally, with the exclusion of most track lights, pendant lights usually hang from a canopy. This gives you the opportunity to support your fixture on your ladder or an interim hook, leaving your hands free to adjust the electrical and mechanical linkages.

Tutorial: DIY pendant light installation

How To Install a New Pendant Light Fixture

Remember to make sure that the power is turned-off at your home’s circuit box. Place a covering over the switch to make sure that it won’t be turned back on while you’re working. Keep a circuit tester near to make certain that the power is off before touching any electrical wiring.

Step 1: Remove the Existing Fixture

Remove the existing fixture. If you have a ceiling fan, be sure to take away the blades from the fan first. Loosen the screws while holding the fan still. Lightly pull the fixture away from the mounting bracket. Carefully remove the wire nuts from the wires, separate the fixture, and take out the mounting bracket.

Step 2: Affix the Mounting Bracket

To suspend your new pendant light, affix the new mounting bracket to the junction box. Most of the time, older mounting brackets use screws from the bottom; however, the newer versions have open bolts on the base that are topped with a cap nut.

Step 3: Affix the Wires

Affix the wires to the new pendant light following the manufacturer’s directions. This is normally white-to-white, black-to-black, and ground-to-ground.

Step 4: Firmly Fix the Connections

Firmly fix the connections with wire nuts, and then affix the bare ground wire to the green ground screw on the mounting bracket. On a number of fixtures, the neutral wire may be black with a white stripe. Slip the new pendant lamp over the bolts in the mounting bracket, and then fasten the mounting cap nuts.

Don’t forget to put the light bulbs in last; however, wash your hands first. This will help give your light bulbs a longer lifespan. Now you can climb down from your ladder and marvel at your work. Whether you’ve installed it as part of a living room remodel, or just because, we’re sure you’ll be seeing your room in a whole new, better light.

Check this YouTube video for a visual step-by-step guide.

Tim Smith writes for Modernize.
Photo by Chris Patrick Interiors.

Friday, 11 July 2014

TUTORIAL: French Knots

See the red love heart on top in the first picture below? Well, just that little love heart was formed with 77 French knots, so, let me warn you, working with French knots is something that needs patience and it needs a good amount of it. However, it is somewhat satisfactory and addictive too.

Here, I will be taking you through how to make French knots with baby steps, in case you are totally unfamiliar with it. However, firstly, I would like to share some brief information on this particular type of stitching.

French knots are a type of knotted stitches and are a basic element of embroidery. They are also classified as 'detached stitches'. 

Now, lets move onto the step-by-step instructions. 

1. Thread your needle. Make sure there is a knot at the end of your thread/embroidery floss.
Step 1: Thread your needle
Step 1
2. From the back of the fabric, put the needle all the way through the front of the fabric. 
Step 2: Pulling needle up through fabric to the front
Step 2
Step 2 (b): Needle is at the front.

3. With the needle-free hand, hold the end of the thread while gently pulling the thread up to cause some tension or a firm grip.

4. Wrap the thread around your needle twice (depending on how thick your thread is or how big you would like your knots to be, this number can vary. The more wraps, the bigger knots).
Steps 3 & 4: Wrap your thread around your needle twice with a firm grip
Steps 3 & 4
5. While still holding the thread with the needle-free hand with a firm grip, pull the needle back through the fabric to the back of it from right next to where it came up from. I like to use the same side for my knots. For example, I generally push the needle down, say from the right or left side of the original hole for each knot. 
Note: Do not let go of the firm grip until all the thread is at the back, forming a small knot at the front.
Step 5: Bring the needle back down the fabric while still holding the thread firmly
Step 5
Keep repeating until you form enough amount of French knots for your project.
Ta dah! Here is your first French knot!
French knots tutorial by Home of Homemade Treasures

Repeat instructions 1 to 5 to make as many French knots as you like for your project.

Tutorial: french knots

French knots tutorial

French knots tutorial by MADE BY Y

What you can make with this technique is endless. I hope this tutorial inspires you to come up with your original designs and unique projects. Below are some of my designs for MADE BY Y. Enjoy!

French knots bib and reversible shoes set by MADE BY Y

A personalised bib with French knots by MADE BY Y

A colourful bib by MADE BY Y

Bunny apron by MADE BY Y

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Sight/Oxford Words

My son started school this year and he is now officially a 'Preppie'. He is currently enjoying the first week of his second school term holiday. I must admit, I do look forward to school holidays even though a part of me gets a bit anxious. It has only been a few days and so far so good. 

Both my son and I love routines. We both adapt a new routine whenever our current one is broken and we feel the urge for it. A part of our routine since he started school is that he has some 'concentrated work' time pretty much everyday. One part of our routine these days is that he practices the 'sight/Oxford words' list that was given to us by his school. 

At our school, it is the school's aim that Prep students learn the first 100 words out of a total of 307 words by the end of their first year of schooling. If they go beyond it, it is a bonus and they try to work at their level with those students too.  They give a list of 10 words each week once the previous set of 10 words is tested and the student has achieved it. The words are chosen not necessarily on the basis of simplicity but rather how often they are used in daily life and in books here in Australia. 

With the sight words, in case you are not familiar with it, it is different to 'reading' or 'sounding out' a word. Sight words are the words that students are expected to know as soon as they see. They are tested on the basis of whether the children can read/tell the word within 4 seconds of seeing the word, without hesitating, without making an effort to work out the word. Each set of 10 words is colour coded and parents and children are encouraged to practice the words with their children on a regular basis, using various strategies and games such as flash cards, go fish, matching games, snap, etc. 

If you would like a head start or are simply interested in some extra work for your child in English, here is the full list of 307 sight/Oxford words that my son's school uses.  

Enjoy your time with your little one(s). 

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Recycled Garden Art

Tyre art - recycling in the garden

How original and cheerful is this? It couldn't have been cuter, could it? It is made using recycled items and is a perfect garden art piece to enjoy, in my opinion.

If you visit the original source of the photo (, you will also see that there are step-by-step instructions to making one of these.

Have a fun weekend!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Two People to Smile

With the hope of making someone smile while adding some excitement to the business, I would like to offer two $15 vouchers from my MADE BY Y handmade business. It means a giveaway of two vouchers vaued at $30 in total. I hope that makes someone smile!

The rules of the game are as easy as can be. 

-No requirement of 'sharing' my business page or items on your Fb page, even though it would just be lovely. 
-No requirement of a 'like' on the MADE BY Y page, unless you'd like to do so and are looking forward to the updated designs and posts to appear in your newsfeed. 
-You don't have to let others know of the giveaway, despite how wonderful it would be.
-No hassle, no stress, only have fun! 

What you do need to do though is
1. Go to MADE BY Y, browse through albums and decide on one particular item as your favourite.
2. Under the picture of the item, comment saying why it is your favourite MADE BY Y item (and let me know that you are there for the giveaway too). 
3. You are in!

The giveaway will end on Wednesday (11th of June 2014) at 9pm (VIC, Australia). The vouchers to be used by the 30th of June, 2014. The winners will be contacted shortly after. Thank you all for playing!

Have fun!