Saturday, 15 July 2017

'Thanks for Being a Part of My Family' Party

Recently, I have been to Steve Biddulph's 'Raising Boys' seminar in Melbourne. He gave lots of examples to prove his points but one of the most 'stuck-to-mind' details for me was on how families have changed over time and how it shows its effects on different units of the family, wider community and the world in general.

Regardless of what a family is to people these days or how families are formed, the concept of a family is important to individuals' lives and the world's today and the future in general. I'd like to think that my children also know the importance of a family.

I have been extremely quiet in the social media world including here on the blog recently and it has taken me over a year to be able to post something that is actually from the last year or even perhaps the year before. However, as I was going through my 'drafts', I didn't want to pass this without sharing.

This day symbolises to me that 'being a family' is special to my children and that they are happy to be a part of our little family perhaps as much as we are. It holds a very special place in my heart that my little preschooler at the time asked for a party to celebrate the fact that we are a family and it is something to celebrate. The party/theme was called 'THANKS FOR BEING A PART OF MY FAMILY' as the kids wanted it.

The kids simply guided us on what kind of a celebration they wanted to have and since food is quite important to us, one of the highlights was naturally related to food. Kids chose the menu themselves and the photos above are some shots from the foods we shared on the day. There was also some gift giving that they sneakily added to the list of 'to-do' for the party and of course they had their own preferred 'gifts' that were listed too, which I had previously shared.

I hope you all appreciate whatever you have and you do show your appreciation in a way that suits you the best!

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