Friday, 18 November 2011


Continuing with poems... This is a poem/song (written by George Orwell III) that I have read in a newsletter of a council in Melbourne. It is a pretty good read and is a good way to start or end the day with. Enjoy!

I think I'm going crazy, with all these kids around
I think I'm saying 'no' a lot, and 'put the stick down'

Get down off that wall/car/tree, can't you see the risk?
What do you mean, you don't care, and you've got another wrist?

Put your shoes back on you dag, your socks are getting soaked
I'm drowning in a sea of washing; the lines already choked

What's that smell, oh god, you can't take that into the pool
Didn't I change your bum before we fetched your brother from school?

And keep your shoes off the couch, your mum will have a fit
It's already been attacked by cordial, chips and lego bricks

Now if I had a dollar, for every time I said 'just wait'
I'd now have far more money, than what's his name, Bill Gates

A pram with rear view mirrors, yes, would make it easier to find
The hats and socks lost on the way (and to check out fit behinds)

So please don't think when you see me, 'he's just babysitting for his wife'
Like you, I'm only stressed because the kids, they give me strife

And that's because my job, it is to be there for them all
And all the time, which as you know, leaves not much left at all

Preparing meals and lunches, washing dishes, clothes and bums
I'm sure you realise how it can get a bit ho-hum

Yes, I do the cooking, washing and I do the shopping too
And cos I see so much of it, I even clean the loo

If you see me growl at our young brood, please don't assume I'm scary
I'm really not a monster, even if my back is hairy

I think I'd like to get a job, that pays, and gets me out
And lets me talk to grown-ups, cos with them I rarely shout

But they make me laugh, they make me cry, they keep me young inside
(and often I reflect how much my heart is filled with pride)

I'm pleased to say they're growing, and they're not doing too bad,
And I think they'll understand it takes a lot, to be a dad.

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