Wednesday, 9 November 2011


The National Recycling Week aims to increase the environmental benefits of kerbside, industrial and community recycling programs.

A few reminders in regards to Planet Ark's National Recycling Week:

  • You can recycle printer cartridges and mobile phones into everything from pens to jewellery at Australia Post outlets. (There are recycling boxes located in Australian Post retail outlets).
  •  Especially companies and offices are encouraged to participate in Friday File Fling (file cleanout: declutter your office and get good, reusable office paper back into circulation.).
  • You can check out the website or the newsletter of your council to see what they are doing or you can take a part in during this meaningful week. You can also visit some reputable and informative sites such as, or for more detailed information on the National Recycling Week and recycling in general.

Did you know that

...the most commonly made recycling mistake is putting PLASTIC BAGS in the kerbside recycling bin?

...Australians throw away 270 million (approximately 12 per person) (equal of about 8000 tonnes) batteries a year?

...aluminum  can be recycled over and over, infinitely?

Wherever you are or whatever you do, don't forget to reduce, re-use and recycle! 

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