Sunday, 27 November 2011


Could anyone ever describe chips as above (especially 'healthy')? The answer is YES. I am talking about some homemade chips, of course.

This is one of our family favourites especially on Spring and Summer days. It is extremely easy and is definitely a healthy choice. It is much more inexpensive than the chips you can buy from today's almost every market. I am sure pretty much everyone in the family will enjoy this particular food.

Now, let me share with you this everyone-can-make type of recipe. First the ingredients of course:
  • Lebanese bread (flat/pitta bread) (most supermarkets as well as mini-markets and bakeries in Australia stock them these days. They generally come in a pack of 5 but I would doubt you can go through it all at once unless you have a big family or a party going on)
  • A working flat-bed toaster (sandwich press), grill or an oven (we generally use the toaster)
healthy chips

Cut up the bread to your preferred size and shape (you can separate the two layers of the bread or keep it double layered when cutting) and toast/grill/oven them until crisp. Don't walk away when you start cooking them as they need only a minute or two before they become nice and crispy. I recommend you dip it in your favourite homemade dip (we love our guacamole dip (the one with avocado) the most but experiment it with a variety before deciding on your family's favourite combination. You can also serve it with some spreadable cheese if you don't have a dip at the time. Just give it a try, you can't go wrong.

If you can think of another combination or a variety of it, please share with us.

healthy food recipes

Caution: It is addictive!!!

Note: If you have any leftover chips, just put it in an air-tight container until the next time or you can give it to your child to snack on (he is sure to love that crunchiness of it) or consume it with some homemade soup. You could even take it to work as a part of your lunch or snack. It is not going to leave you with a messy or smelly desk, nor will you have any oily fingers after eating it!

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