Monday, 7 November 2011


These are some phrases that a private early learning centre recommends their teachers and the parents of their students to use. As you will notice, some of the phrases below suit only a classroom environment while others can be used at home too. It is also worth mentioning that the phrases below only emphasise the expectations and the positives rather than focusing on negatives.
  • "I need good listeners."
  • "I like the words you used."
  • "I like what I'm seeing right now, (and describe positive behaviour)."
  • "We're not doing that yet/now. We're still doing ... "
  • "Put up your hand if you want to ..." 
  • "Can you sit up (child's name), you must be tired today."
  • "I'd like to see you talking only when you put up your hand and I call your name."
  • "I need you to be patient right now. I know it is hard to wait sometimes."
  • "It's my turn to speak now."
  • "I'm choosing the children who are sitting quietly, with their hands in their laps and sitting nicely on the line."
  • "You need to sit over here today/now."
  • "I'm waiting for quiet."
  • "Good manners."
  • "Well done, next time maybe you could be a little quieter."
  • "Walking feet, inside voices."
  • "The only person I should hear now is ... "

 If you know of any other phrases that work for you and would like to share with us all as well, please let us know in the 'comments' section.

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