Sunday, 13 November 2011

AN EASY ART PROJECT: How to Draw a Monkey Face

I've just come across with a website where they teach how to draw a monkey face easily. Below is the copied set of instructions from the original website for you. (Click here to go to the website)

  1. Imagine two circles sitting on top of an oval. If you cannot imagine this arrangement, lightly sketch these shapes with an erasable pencil and remove them after the next step. 
  2. Trace around the outside of this shape. You should have an oval with two lumps on top. Notice that there are three inward points, one at the top, one at the left and one at the right. If you chose to sketch the two circles and oval, erase any unnecessary lines now. 
  3. Draw a larger circular shape that will closely circumscribe your previous drawing. This is the monkey's face. 
  4. Draw two circle shapes, one attached to each side of the face. These are the monkey's ears.  
  5. Draw a small oval in the center of the face. This is the monkey's nose.
  6. Draw two small vertical lines slightly above the nose. Notice that they look like the numeral "11". These are the monkey's eyes.
  7. Draw a mouth in the appropriate space. Experiment with different types of mouths. A short upward curve makes a good smile. Alternatively, try a small circle or broad line with creases on each end. Place the mouth higher or lower for different effects.
  8. Finish the monkey by coloring. Add other interesting details to personalize your monkey. 

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