Sunday, 30 October 2011


Dates are one of our favourite snacks at home. They are sweet in taste, don't need preparation and are easy to consume. This healthy fruit can even replace some of the sweets that aren't good for you. When we feel peckish or are looking for some sweets, we generally have a few dates which we find quite satisfactory. They are nutritious and delicious too! Mr. Junior has it as a treat at times and we also bring one or two with us as a snack for him when we are out and about.

According to some sources, the background information to dates is that they are believed to be originated from around the Persian Gulf. Their history goes back to possibly as early as 6000BC. Later on in history it was spread into the northern Africa and into Spain and elsewhere as time passed.

Not many so yummy foods are so rich in iron and fibre as dates are. They are known to have some laxative effects and they reduce high cholesterol. Additionally, due to the rich iron content of it, it is also good for people who suffer from anemia.

They are also known to help digestion and the maintenance of a healthy nervous system (due to the potassium in them). Furthermore, they include a potent antioxidant that benefits thyroid function as well as immune system.

The dates that are in many supermarkets and local delis come in both fresh and dried versions. The dried ones are generally kept in the dried fruit and nuts section and the fresh ones are displayed in the produce section. The best ones are the unbroken smoothly wrinkled skinned and the plumb ones.

Attention! Up until a year or two ago when I was reading a book based on a story in Libya (I think the book was called The Country of Men), I didn't know that they could have little worms in them. In the book it was mentioned and I quickly went and checked a few of ours out. I must admit, it wasn't the happiest moment in my life. So, watch out! It is one of the best energy giving yet healthy and tasty snacks but they have their down points too. Make sure you look at them before eating.

Note: Did you know that dates are often consumed especially during the holy month Ramadan by Muslims. They generally break their fast with dates.

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