Friday, 28 October 2011


handmade stamps for kids
This is a homemade version of art stamps for kids. The name has it all: it is a stamp made out of a potato. We used to do this at secondary school. Your child (I recommend 3 years old and above) would like this homemade activity too.

The materials you need for this activity are half a potato, a knife, some paint and a piece of paper (perhaps you could use the back of your scrap/spare paper?).

Depending on the age of your child, you may carve a shape/pattern (eg. a flower, a star or a even a simple car) on the potato using the knife when your child is not around. The rest is extremely easy and your child is likely to play on his own -without any help from you- happily for a while. However, you may prefer to demonstrate it first. He needs to dip the carved part of the potato into the paint and then press it on the paper. You may want to make a few shapes and I am sure they will be well appreciated.

Just a reminder that you may need some display area after this. Your child may come up with quite a few masterpieces for display :-)

Note: Don't forget, nothing goes to waste. Depending on what kind of a paint you used, the whole (if the paint can be totally washed off and cleaned of any paint residue) or the rest of the potato is still edible.

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