Thursday, 20 October 2011

FUN TIME: Water Paint for Kids

On a sunny day, there is nothing like being outdoors with or without kids. Recharging some positive energy, storing some Vit D, getting tipsy with fresh air.. You just can't help being happy especially if you are with your kids and they are enjoying themselves too. However, not always it is that easy to keep them away from TV or playstations indoors or out of strong sun or take them to places that they want to go but you don't want to for whatever the reason may be. Let me share an activity idea that I had learnt through an early learning centre with you. I guarantee you that it an easy, almost costless and a fun way of keeping everyone happy.

You need a bucket or anything that can act as a bucket (eg. a used ice-cream tub or the bucket of a playdough set etc) and a cheap brush. You can decide on the size of them yourself if you like since it doesn't matter much as long as it is not too small or big for your kid. I think the only luxurious thing you need for this activity is WATER (especially these days, it is pretty luxurious, isn't it? But I guess you could save some water that you used  for washing some fruit or vegetables  earlier and repurpose it for this fun activity!) So, lets do it again: 

You need; 
  1. A bucket
  2. A paint brush
  3. Some water (hopefully clean enough recycled water)
water paint

After putting some water into the bucket and perhaps demonstrating it for your child if preferred, just let your little man or skillful little daughter have fun painting the fence, or the sides of your vegie patch, walls, rocks, pots...  Whatever you have in your backyard or around you that you don't mind to be water painted, I am sure your toddler or preschooler wouldn't mind painting any of them. It will give them a feel of some responsibility (they are doing some work, can't you see?), develop some motor skills as well as focus skills all of which are needed for preschool. As they paint, the wood or rock that they are painting changes its colour with water which amazes the kids, and a few minutes later in the sun, it is ready to go again! It is not really messy, dangerous or costly. Not many kids would mind doing this activity again and again. 

Note: This activity can be used as a birthday party activity too. You just make sure each kid or the team of kids has a bucket and a brush and enough surface to water paint! Feel free to use any variety of this activity as long as it works for you and your kid/s. Don't forget to take lots of pictures (and perhaps even perhaps share them on this blog with us) as they are having lots of fun!

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