Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Not many people are totally aware of how electricity is used by everyday appliances around the house and how leakages can be stopped easily. Some people also don't remember on a daily basis that switching off any lights or any other electrical equipment whenever not used/needed is a way of energy saving. For the others who are more concise about turning off their equipment more regularly still need to know that there is a big question to be answered: how to switch them off more efficiently?

power wall units

energy saving tips
Turning off your TV or your washing machine at nights or before leaving home is good, but not good enough. Take a further step and turn them off from the power switches/wall units when you don't use them. Switch off your TV, computers, lights, electronic machines, kettles, coffee machine, charges (stanby and sleeping modes still use power)... By doing so, you will be saving some money on your rocketing high electricity bills, helping environment by reducing greenhouse gases, and reducing any risks involved electronics around the house (I personally take extra caution with, for example, the washing machine in case Mr. Junior decides to play with it when out of my view).

It is also very important that we teach our children these skills from younger ages by showing them, making it a part of our daily life practices. Don't forget, MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO!

If you would like to look into energy saving ideas in more details, you can visit some reputable websites. One example to them is www.saveenergy.vic.gov.au

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