Monday, 12 March 2012


The 'i' world
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I was inspired by a non-English site for this post. I am actually totally illiterate in that particular language but I still found the list (and the hidden message) in the picture very clear.

It is debatable that the technology related to the 'I' world that today's people of almost all ages all over the world live in or are very familiar with is good for us/society/the world's future etc or not but it is for sure that it has become a significant part of our lives regardless of it is us or our children that participate in it.

Now, lets try it for ourselves and see what our kids/students/nephews or nieces come up with. Here is a quick activity idea for you:

Written or spoken, ask your children/students what 5 words beginning with the letter 'I' come to their minds first. What have they come up with?

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