Wednesday, 21 March 2012


DIY recycled organiser
Source: Unknown
Here is another idea fantastic idea by someone smart and crafty for you to use at home. It is made out of recycled materials. In the example above, the pockets are made from the pockets of used jeans however, you could easily change it to other pockets too such as shirt pockets, pockets from trousers and so on as long as the fabric is strong enough.

The idea is simple: take the pockets of your unwanted/worn out clothes, machine or hand stitch them on a pice of felt or a thick fabric. The design options for this particular project are endless. You can make them all out of same colour pockets in different sizes just like the example above, you can use a variety of colours and pocket materials, you can put letters on each to form a word that means something to you, you can put some embellishment on them, you can use some patchwork design for the base and so forth.

Have something nice and functional today!

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