Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Recycling ideas

I haven't met many people (or should I say 'women' instead of people?) who believe in 'enough storage'. Personally, I can never have enough storage solutions. As a person who makes things quite often, I always have something that needs to be put away but I never seem to have enough area to put them away all nice and neatly. I am a fairly fussy person too and I do enjoy it when things are where they are meant to be but like I said, unfortunately, there is no such thing as 'enough' in my world when it comes down to storage.

The above picture shows that it is possible to use a recyclable item to get rid of some of the clutter at home so easily. The circles are actually just paper towel rolls and depending on the size of your items, they can be cut into two or three and make smaller rooms. They can also be closed on one end, so that they can be used for small items such as buttons, nails etc too.

Have a nice and easy day today!

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