Thursday, 1 March 2012


There are many ways that can help us bring up our babies as environmentally friendly as possible. Below is a list of suggestions most of which are quite easy to do. Please feel free to add to this list your tips in the comments section below.
  1. Breastfeed: There are many reasons why it is best to breastfeed babies in general but here, lets look at it from the environmental perspective. By not using packaged foods, you will be supporting a healthy environment (no factory carbon footprints caused during production of foods)
  2. Make your own baby foods at home: When your child is ready for solids, cook his foods yourself at home. It is cheaper and healthier (and pretty easy too). 
  3. Re-usable nappies vs disposable nappies: It takes 200-500 years for a disposable nappy to dissolve. It is arguable that the amount of energy and water used for washing the cloth nappies may be less harmful to the environment than the modern single use nappies.
  4. Use cloth and water instead of wet wipes: Some cotton cloth  and water is so much better for your baby and the environment than the wet wipes. However, if you have a convenience issue with that, you may try to use the cloth/water at home and the wet tissues when out and about.
  5. Share: Re-use baby/kids clothes and toys. Share them with others (with other family members' or friends' kids or you could choose the pre-owned ones when shopping and then pass them on to others when done with them) as opposed to buying new at all times. 
  6. Choose environmentally friendly toys: Plastic is bad for your child's health as well as our planet. Choose the toys that are made using natural materials such as wood and cotton. You could even give a go at making a toy at home or choose the handmade ones when shopping.
  7. Go for cotton baby clothes: Good for your baby, good for the environment, and more durable than many other materials/fabrics!
  8. Read tags: Read the ingredients used in baby shampoos, soaps and other products and try to buy the ones that have natural ingredients. It may be more expensive but it would definitely be worth it. At least try to swap the one that you use the most with a natural one even if you can't afford to purchase all of your baby's products from the natural/organic range. Alternatively, make your own! Many products that we/our kids use on a regular basis can be home-made. (Let me know if there is a particular product that you would like me to write about or share a tutorial of)
  9. Use natural disinfectants: Instead of using chemicals like bleach, use natural options such as bicarbonate and vinegar when cleaning baby products (toys, pacifiers etc). You can use them in general house cleaning purposes too. (I have already written about a few options such as homemade cleaning products for babies, homemade hand sanitizers, homemade laundry detergents, homemade all-purpose cleaning products, and more but If you need more information, stay tuned! I will be posting more about homemade disinfectants in the future.)
  10. Be an example: Teach them how to love and protect our planet/world/environment not only verbally but by being a good example too. They are likely to be more interested and passionate about it if they see you as a caring person and if it is a part of your lifestyle. 

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