Sunday, 25 March 2012


Handmade grape dessert
Our frozen grapes
This dessert is new to us. We are used to frozen berries and mangoes but we have never thought of freezing grapes until we were given a lot of organically grown purple grapes and were desperate to find solutions to consume them without any waste at some stage this year.

You can use your favourite organically or biodynamically grown grapes (could be any type) but we tried it with the freshly picked purple/black grapes (if you would like to read about the principles of these two types of farming, read this). These grapes with seeds grow in bunches and they are pretty fragile. Once they are cooked (meaning changed its original colour of green to purple or black), you need to pick them and once they are picked, they don't stay fresh long. That is why, they are a great type of fruit to share with family, friends and neighbours.

recipe with grapes
Fresh grapes
These grapes are extremely healthy and they are specifically recommended to be eaten with the  seeds even though it is possible to peel and also discard the seeds while eating. I will do an entry on the goodness of it in the future but for the moment, lets move on to the topic of today's entry, an alternative consumption idea for your grapes.

How to make it:

Wash the fresh grapes
Place them in the freezer
Eat when frozen!

This makes a great little snack or can be served as a dessert. 

Enjoy something delicious today!

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