Tuesday, 27 March 2012


On the weekend, I was at a market (Northern Community Market) in suburban Melbourne with my very own homemade display frame.

easy handmade display frames
Had a good time at the market
I only took some of my handmade baby shoes and bags to that market on the weekend. I was given a trestle table which was good enough for my handmade fabric shoes but I had this picture in my mind that I could display my bags on a hanging line. So, I sat down with Mr. Hubby, drew something on a piece of paper, went on a family trip to a local hardware store, talked to a few professionals to get ideas on  safety and so forth, spent approximately $10-12 and came back home all excitedly.

Handmade frame instructions
Great fun drilling and putting bits together

A day or two later, Mr. Hubby and Mr. Junior put them all together and in only a few hours, my frame was all ready to go!

Handmade sand bags
Pole base stabilised with sand bags
To make sure that the frame was stable enough and would not pose an occupational health and safety risk, I roughly sewed very simple bags which Mr. Junior filled in with sand using what we had in his sandpit.

We used very simple and affordable materials for this project as that was all I needed for the display of my lightweight bags. Below is what we used for this project:

Materials used:
  • 2.4m rectangle pine wood (X2)
  • 1.8m rectangle pine wood (X1) 
  • 35cm rectangle pine wood (X8)
  • Screws
  • A drill
  • Wood glue (optional)
  • Guide/support wood (optional) (we cut some from the 2.4m pieces and used them for this purpose). 
  • Bags filled with sand (X4) (I used my old pyjamas and from each leg, I made two bags. I sewed one end and put an elastic through the other end)
The wooden pieces are attached to each other with nails (and we also used some wood glue as an addition but you don't have to). We made some holes on the wood after deciding how high and how apart we wanted my handmade bags to be displayed and made some matching holes on each pole with the drill. We then used a rope (but you can use some strong string or a ribbon), which went through the holes and were knotted at the very beginning and at the end, and made the hanging lines where I hung my bags with the help of some folding paper clips. 
Baby shoes by MADE BY Y
My handmade shoes photographed beautifully by memories of mine photography
 Enjoy something crafty today!

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