Friday, 30 March 2012


pillowcase tutorial
I don't actually use any pillows in my living room even though I have been itching to make a few for a while now.  Having cooler days too contributes to my desire for them but I am sure it is not the only reason. I just love so many designs and making things that mean something to me and my family. Even before I start making things at home, I often imagine how they would fit in our lives. I can already see those little pillows making some rough railways for Mr. Junior's currently much loved trains and it is before my eyes that Miss Junior crawls all over them on the floor. I can also hear them arguing about whose turn it is to play with a certain pillow. I am sure they will stay on the floor so much more often than on the couches but I think they are something that they will enjoy (even if not so much for their primary use).

Here, I am sharing with you some design ideas that I have come across with as well as a video recorded TUTORIAL on how to make a simple envelope pillow cover. It is so well explained and demonstrated that even if you are a total beginner in this field, you are still unlikely to have a major issue making it.

Enjoy something that has a personal touch today!

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