Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Handmade card

This is another cost free and fun activity that you can enjoy with your children/students and the end product would make a great little gift especially on a special occasion such as on mother's day, father's day, or even a birthday or valentine's day. The idea was originally presented here.

All you need for this activity is some coloured paper, a pair of scissors, glue and a pen.

Draw around your little one's both hands and then cut them. For the example you see in the picture above, write "I LOVE YOU..." on the outer side of one of the hands and then write "THIS MUCH!" on another piece of paper and cut it out a strip of paper, in a long rectangle shape. With the rectangle, make an accordion shape by folding it accordingly. Glue the ends of your accordion strip on the insides of the hands to finish it off.

This is sure to melt the heart of a loved one, especially a mother when gifted by a son or a daughter. It is as easy as peeling an apple!

You can use your own variety for this activity simply by changing colours, message etc easily. Don't forget to kindly share your version with us here or on my facebook page (Why Bee: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003202930289).

Have fun with a loved one today!

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