Tuesday, 10 January 2012


What you can do when a child is sad:
    • talk about feelings, especially sadness and anger
    • make sure the children's teachers and carers know your child may be upset
    • be available for cuddles
    • make sure that they know what has happened isn't their fault
    • if death is involved, talk about it simply but honestly
    • talk to your child about the person or pet they have lost and encourage them to talk too
    • reassure them that it's OK for grown-ups to cry, but that you'll feel better soon and you still love them very much
    • don't burden your children with your grief. Get help from other adults
    • try to keep family routines going, as this helps children feel more secure
    • get active! it can really help when we're sad or stressed
    • try to end every 'sad talk' session with a bit of hope. Plan something special with your child-like playing with a friend.
Making memories:
    • remember together the good and funny times. You can still laugh when sad.
    • make a 'memory book' with photos, stories, drawings etc.
    • as well as helpful storybooks, you might like to make up your own story about a similar situation and show how those people managed.
(These are taken from a Positive Parenting Course's notes)

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