Wednesday, 18 January 2012


A child who lives with gentleness
will touch with gentle hands

A child who's understood becomes 
someone who understands

A child who lives with patience learns
a way to wait for things

A child who's taught to smile at life
is one who laughs and sings

When children find acceptance, that's 
another trait to learn
 and children who are loved a lot will give love in return

A while back I had learnt a similar (but a much longer) one as a part of my studies. I don't remember the exact words but I definitely recall the feel and the meaning of it. I often think of it when I work with people in my professional life or when interacting with my two beautiful children in my personal life. I came across with the above poem/writing just the other day and could not help thinking that there may be other people like myself who may learn heaps from it. I believe that it is a good reminder too and stays in mind well. 

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