Thursday, 5 January 2012


I don't know how you are but I am not the best when it comes down to ties. My husband doesn't have to use ties on a regular basis but there are times he is not that lucky. He has to keep at least one in hand (well, actually, in his drawer at work, there is at least one) at all times in case he has to use one. So, we don't tie ties very often and when you don't do things all the time, you can lack some skills. When we need to (but have forgotten how to) do it, we simply jump online and re-learn it.

There are different types of knots that you can choose from. The choice depends on the person's style, the ties' size, the occasion and the shirt being worn. You can find some written instructions with lots of clear pictures as well as some clear videos on how to tie a tie that you can easily follow. I will share with you a few websites and videos that I believe you will greatly benefit from if you need help with this particular skill.

Some sites for written (and pictured) instructions that you can check out are:

For videos on how to tie a tie, you can visit:
Also, has a lot of videos available.

Here is one video recorded example for you:

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