Wednesday, 25 January 2012


This is another homemade remedy that we have included in our lives as a family (except for Miss Junior for the moment). When we notice that there is an indication of a cold or flu, especially when there is a sign that a sore throat is on the way or is present, we go to the kitchen, just put some salt in a cup of drinking water, go to the bathroom and gargle. Hard to believe but yes, it is that easy!

We taught Mr. Junior how to gargle when he was about 2 years old and since then, he does it too.

These are the possible reasons why it is good to use salt gargle:
  • SALT SUCKS: A salty water solution can draw excess fluid from inflamed tissues in the throat, making them hurt less,
  • SALT CLEANSES: gargling also loosens thick mucus, which can remove irritants like allergens, bacteria and fungi from the throat. 
  • gargling tends to attenuate bronchial symptoms
What I do and recommend everyone else to do as well is that you gargle with this salt solution when;
  • you come back home from a place where you were likely to be contaminated with a bacteria or virus (eg. from a doctor's clinic-waiting areas are likely to contain quite a few types of germs and can pose a risk especially during winter)
  • you experience some respiratory infection symptoms such as a cold or a sore/itchy throat
  • especially during cold times when there are many people affected by respiratory infections, even if you don't experience it at the time, use this remedy for prevention purposes.
I also strongly recommend that you gargle before you eat so that you clean your mouth before you push things down with food as you eat. 

Below are some suggestions by an article that was published in NYtimes (here) on September the 27th in 2010:
  • dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in a full glass of warm water and gargle the solution for a few seconds before spitting it out.
  • It is also suggested that for a better result, gargling three times a day is recommended.


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It is the best remedy thanks for it.

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