Friday, 20 January 2012


Yoghurt recipe

I must confess. I LOVE my fruity yoghurt! Especially when the weather is hot and I don't quite feel like having anything even though I am hungry due to the heat, some fruity yoghurt would be one of my first rescuers. It is refreshing, healthy, filling and delicious. It is quite flexible too and you can make your own fruit combination depending on your taste buds or the seasonal choices.

In the picture above, you see what Mr. Junior had the other day just before his daytime nap. Nuts and berries are his favourites and he decided on this particular menu by himself. He actually put the yoghurt into the bowl, washed some organic blueberries and blackberries and added them to the yoghurt, and Bob's your uncle!

Since Mr. Junior was able to eat yoghurt as a baby, I have been making him different fruity yoghurt meals and he has been definitely enjoying them. Now that Miss Junior started having yoghurt too, she does as well.

Depending on your child's age, readiness, allergy history, preferences and the fruit available, you can use many types of fruit for this dish. Berries (frozen or fresh), bananas, mangoes and strawberries are some of the best choices. You can also make it with grated (especially for babies) or chopped stone fruit (such as peaches), pears, apples, or grapes. You can even add some nuts (grated/chopped up almonds, for example)You may choose to have a single type of fruit or a combination in it.

It often has a good colour (depending on the fruit you use) and smells really nice. It is so easy to prepare that even your preschooler can make it. You may be surprised if your child wouldn't mind skipping his over-sugary treats and instead, asking for this snack/meal once he tastes it. Not many kids (or adults) would need more than one go to fall in love with it but if you don't get that big effect after the first try, just try it again with another combo. You are very likely to be pleased.


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