Friday, 13 January 2012


The Open Range Zoo is our favourite for a few reasons but for Mr. Junior, it is the best because it has safari buses and a lot of open space for him to run around freely. We have a yearly family zoo pass which gives us an unlimited access to the three zoos in Victoria throughout the year, so we don't really mind it even if we don't have the whole day in our hands. Even if it is for a few hours, we still go and visit them (especially Werribee Open Range Zoo. Actually, we have been to Healesville Sanctuary only once at this stage, so I cannot comment on that particular one much yet).

Just recently, we have had a chance to go to the Open Range Zoo for a couple of hours. We were only able to go on a safari bus, visit the new gorillas, have a picnic, play in a few play areas, and also listen to some lovely African music. The video that I was hoping to share with you here but I can't anymore, since it somehow got deleted (!) belonged to a live African Jazz performance. There were two men on stage making some wonderful music.

Every time we go there, we learn something new. Here are only some pieces of information that we were provided with by the safari tour guide during our tour on 27/12/2011.
  • Hippopotamuses are vegetarian animals. However, they are extremely strong and are very dangerous. They can bite a 4 metre crocodile into half at once. 
  • Hippopotamuses can stay under water for 10-15 minutes without having to breath. Once they need to inhale some oxygen, they go above the water level, take a breath, and then 'sink' again (just sit on the bottom of the water until they need to breath again).
  • Despite the fact that hippos are very large, they are fast runners too. The tour guide told us that they can run upto 50km/h (even though it is claimed on their website that their speed can reach upto 30km/h).
  • A giraffe's neck is quite long as everyone knows but not many people are aware that its tongue is pretty long too. Its length is about 45cm!
If you are in Victoria, a visit to this particular zoo is recommended. Here is the website of Werribee Open Range Zoo.

Note: During school holidays, they have different hours and activities. So, check it out before you go to make the most of it or alternatively, when you go there, ask one of the friendly staff members about their schedules.

Enjoy what is left of your (school) holiday season!

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