Saturday, 17 December 2011


On 27/11/2011, I wrote about Mr. Junior's wish to visit a 'dinosaur museum'. Thanks to jazz's comment after reading my post, we learned about the dinosaur exhibition at Scienceworks in Melbourne. This morning, Mr. Junior asked for a museum visit again and we decided to take him to Scienceworks after Miss Junior's organics shopping was complete. Overall, it was great fun, however, I do have some negative comments too.

The dinosaur section, we thought, wasn't quite worth the entrance fee and it did not have enough variety of activities to keep kids busy there. We believe that it could have been more engaging. You can watch and admire the roaring and moving dinosaurs only for so long and then you want to move on. I guess Mr. Junior's favourite activity there was the one, where, using his fingers, he could pick colours, shapes and colour a digital image. There was also a sand pit where kids could 'discover bones' using brushes. There were some other activities too but I guess for most kids there, they were the highlights of the place. So, it wasn't bad, it is just that the amount of money you pay to get into that section (we had to pay $21 for that section as well as the general entry of $20 for two adults, 1 baby and a toddler) isn't necessarily worth it especially when you see that your child cannot find many activities to keep busy with and you need to leave the place in half an hour or so.


On the other hand, Scienceworks' general section was quite interesting and hands-on. It was so good that we all found it hard to leave even after we got pretty tired due to all that running and other challenges. It offered a lot of activities, information and challenges that noone in the family was left bored at any stage (well, for Miss Junior, it was all about the new environment, colours and the excitement around her). You can run, jump, measure, watch, listen, ride, play, pull, push...

In general, it was a great family outing and I am sure Mr. Junior will be talking about the dinosaurs and everything else that he saw there today for a while. Thanks once again jazz!

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