Friday, 23 December 2011


Many people swear for different reasons at different levels. However, most people would agree that it is a bad language and can be an unwanted habit. The suggestions below are for people who believe they have a bad habit of swearing and would like to do something about it. It is never easy to break a habit but it definitely doesn't mean it is impossible.

how to stop swearing

Here is a fun strategy for you: Every time you feel like/want to/need to swear, just use a tongue twister instead! I will be sharing with you some tongue twisters on my facebook page (Why Bee) but lets get you started right here, right now with a few examples:
  • Toy boat
  • Irish wristwatch
  • She sells sea shells on the sea shore
  • Betty Botter bought a bit of butter
  • Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers
If you believe that the above suggestion wouldn't work for you, then try this one: everytime you need to swear, just give yourself a gentle pinch on the arm or pat your lips with your hands once or twice. 

Lets see what else may work for you. Every time you are about to swear, just say 'beep' instead. So, it goes like this; Beep off!, You are a beep!, Beep!

Replace the swearing word with a good word such as 'pretty' or 'marvelous'. I know it will feel funny to use a 'good word' when you are upset and swearing due to your frustration but give it a try and you never know, this may be the one doing wonders for you. 

You can also try not to swear during the day and then indulge in using the words you kept to yourself during the day when you are all alone at night if it will make you feel better. 

Alternatively, if you can't stop it on the spot and a swearing word slips out of your mouth, then punish yourself with the hope that it discourages you the next time. For instance, every time you swear, you have to give a certain amount of money to your partner, put money into your child's money box or better yet, donate! This strategy may work for you when trying to break your habit of swearing. 

Give yourself some reasonable time limit. For example, 30 days for breaking a habit may be effective but you need to use a habit breaking strategy at all times during that time.

Don't forget, it is very expectable that there will be some initial pain and discomfort but it is a normal stage of breaking any bad habit. Just believe in yourself and pay attention to it for a while. Consistency is the key!

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