Thursday, 8 December 2011


I had to share with you a few of many funny memories that I have had the luxury of having while spending most of my days and times with my two gorgeous children.

Yesterday, this is exactly what happened. I left Miss Junior on the floor of our living room and went to my bedroom to get some work done. Mr. Junior got up from his afternoon nap and started crying in the hallway because he couldn't see me in the living room where he likes to see me when he wakes up. I went next to him, talked to him etc but he said that he didn't want to stop yet and 'wanted' to cry more. So, I respected his wishes and went back to my work in the other room. As he was loudly crying, Miss Junior must have felt the negative vibe too and she started crying as well. Then, Mr. Junior stopped crying, went to Miss Junior, told her with a much softer voice exactly this: "shhh... You don't cry, I cry"and then quietly went back to the hallway and started crying once again! I thought it was hilarious! It actually didn't end there. I took both of them and put them in each lap where I tried to calm them down, gave them cuddles etc. They kept going for a while but the funny side of it was that they looked at one other's eyes as they cried. As they looked at each other, they cried even more.

Another episode was that one day about a month or so ago, I was quite impatient and frustrated as Mr. Junior was having a few tantrums in a row and it wasn't my best day anyway. As I became less tolerant and started raising my voice, I noticed that it wasn't any helpful for any of us. So, I told him that I needed some time alone to calm down. I told him that I needed to go to my room for a few minutes and then I'd be feeling better. However, even after I closed the door, he kept going off and I told him that I only needed a few minutes but I really needed it. He didn't quite want to give up but realised that his crying hard won't really get him anywhere. Nor will it make me open the door right then. I can't be sure if it was the reason but somehow he changed his tone a bit -still crying though- and said "mummy, I don't make trouble, I just want to talk". That was exactly how he said it and that made me smile once again. So, I opened the door, he apologised (yes, he knows how to apologise when needed but it definitely doesn't stop him from doing it again), sat down next to me and initiated a little chat out of nowhere!

Kids are unbelievable!

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