Friday, 30 December 2011



It is summer in Australia and there are many days when we look for a cold refreshing drink around the house due to the heat.  Most packaged drinks are sugary and as always, they have a few too many ingredients for an innocent summer drink. They are only two of the reasons why it is best to make your own at home.

Here is a refreshing yoghurt drink recipe for you that can easily be followed and made by even young school aged kids. It is a traditional Turkish drink and is often used in the Middle East too. I have not tried it myself but heard that it goes well with some sweets even though it is most commonly consumed with pastry, kebabs and even on its own.


Natural plain yoghurt (click for homemade yoghurt tutorial)
Salt (traditionally used but it is upto you to discard if preferred)
Ground mint (optional)


Just mix your yoghurt well and add some water in it as you stir it. It needs to be very smooth with no lumps in it. The consistency depends on your taste but I would suggest it to be not too runny or too thick. Then add a pinch of salt (into your glass only or into the jar) and some (preferably homemade) ground mint.

Before serving it, mix it well and serve it cool (you can leave it in the fridge for a while before serving it or add some ice cubes into it).  


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