Thursday, 23 February 2012


small garden ideas

By now, all my readers here would know how much I appreciate and enjoy recycling ideas and recycled products for various reasons. In the (copied) picture above, there is another recycling idea for us all. The recycled pots on the wall in the picture are very useful, practical, stylish and easy-to-do.

The list of what you need for this project is below:
  • some containers (Eg. large tomato sauce tins) that you want to recycle 
  • something to hold them up with (the safest would be the use of nails or you can even make little individual shelves with wood to place them on if you have the materials and the time for it). 
  • A drill (or a nail and a hammer) to make a hole in each container for drainage. 
You can use the clean containers as they are or alternatively, you can paint or decorate the containers to your taste or to match the theme you have in your garden. Put some soil in each container and it is ready for plantation!

You can grow flowers or other pot plants in them but I really like growing things that can be eaten and I think they would be wonderful for some herbs such as parsley, thyme, sage, rosemary, oregano, mint, basil, chives, coriander and so on. They won't take space in the garden, will look very nice and neat and will add a character to your garden without spending any money! You will also be pleased to know that you have achieved something meaningful and useful.


jazzy said...

Fantastic idea! Love the snazzy pots 

Mrs. Lucky said...

They look great, don't they? Great design, recycled materials, cost-free, practical and easy to do. It is a real winner!

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