Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Even though my title states that I am writing about a 'language activity' today, this activity is not only about language improvement. This is one easy and fun activity that helps with language, confidence, imagination skills and more. This game suits kids that are preschool aged and above the most.

What you need for this activity is;
  • a jar
  • words cut out of magazines, newspapers, flyers etc (or hand written)
You or your children (or together) decide which words go into the 'word jar' first. Then cut them out of magazines or write them by hand and put them in the jar. You can add more words or change them as you go. Your children/students take out one word at a time (possibly one word a day would work well) and then using that word they make sentences. It is a very open ended activity and you can adjust it to your needs or like. Your child can be asked to make up a story using that word, prepare a 'show&tell' presentation, use it in an arts&crafts activity, use it in writing and so forth. Another idea is that you start a little made-up story and ask your children/students to complete your story somehow using that particular word in it. Another possible use of this game is that your children take out two words at a time and somehow use those two words in the same logical sentence or story depending on how much challenge is welcome and can be handled. The options are endless and as long as it is made fun, it will be very beneficial and enjoyable.

This is an activity that a friend of mine used to play with her two daughters when they were much younger. I am looking forward to playing this game with Mr. Junior sometime soon but I may add some pictures associated with words as he is not able to read words yet even though he has recently started to recognise a few simple words.

Note: This activity can be used by adults learners of languages. All you need to do is that you put some written words in a language that you are trying to learn into the jar and take them out one by one whenever you get a chance and try to remember the meaning of the word. You can also go a bit further and make sentences or stories with them if you are at that stage. This activity will enhance your vocabulary as well as your comprehension and grammar skills orally and/or written.

Please take the time to share your variation, experience or tips of games and activities that can be used for language learning here with us. Alternatively, you can e-mail me (contactmrslucky@gmail.com). You may even be able to feature here with your activity/game idea.

Enjoy learning something new today!

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