Friday, 3 February 2012


Handmade bowtie

Here in Australia, it is summer and therefore is the party season (yayy!). I am sure we are not the only people who have many occasions to keep up with these days.

Party means fun for most people, a lot of fun, but it also means dressing up too. If you are looking for some easy to make, inexpensive, and stylish ideas; I would suggest, first decide what you want and then go online and look for tutorials that can help you achieve something similar to what you have in mind at home.
Easy bowtie tutorial

For kids, by using a different accessory, say a bow tie, you can actually achieve a different look while using the same pieces of main clothing each time. For instance, for boys, use the same trousers, shoes and the shirt over and over as long as you make a few changes in the accessories such as bow ties, ties, suspenders, vest (if you are into it), different flowers on the shirt, and/or belts.

Fabric bow tie for kids
The pictures are from here. Go to the original site for step by step instructions and more pictures. It is a very easy and fun project. You can experiment with different sizes and materials such as ribbons and various fabric types. You can also use a simple soft elastic for the neck piece as opposed to making a fabric tube with velcro on it.

Handmade bow ties won't only save you money, but they will also please you better and you can easily make a matching bow tie according to the theme, the colours of the occasion or the clothes that are being worn.

The materials needed for this particular project are written on one of the pictures above or you can find them in the video below. It is all about few little stitches in right spots and then putting them together properly. The video below has very clear audiovisual instructions in it too.

Have fun!

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