Monday, 27 February 2012


button craft
If you are like me, who love colourful buttons and have a lot of them at home for various projects, and also like doing something simple yet fun and skill building with your children, you are sure to love this activity. You can of course adapt it to your taste or a particular theme or the materials you have at home.

What you need for this craft activity is a set of buttons (a single colour or a set of colours) and a dark green pipe cleaner which you can easily find at most art supplies section of big supermarkets, hardware stores or craft shops. You can either use some small goggly eyes or just skip them and use a piece of round shaped paper as face and just draw eyes etc on it instead. This can be completed with or by your children and then can be used as a decorative purposes unless gifted or used as a figure to accompany a story while reading a book on a  relevant topic.

Have a colourful day!

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