Sunday, 19 February 2012


shoe re-do

This is yet another easy-to-do project and as you can see in the (copied) pictures above, it makes such a big difference in the end result. It is incredibly unique, stylish and inspirational. A project like this can be done only with some glue and embellishments. That easy and hassle-free! It shouldn't have taken more than 10 minutes of the this crafty person's time for the whole project and walla! Look at the stunning result!

I would definitely consider this idea when if I have some bold and boring shoes that I don't really enjoy using, when some parts of my shoes have scratches or somehow imperfect, or when I need something to wear with a particular dress on a special day. If you ever come up with a shoe re-do, please share with us. You can e-mail it to me ( and I will publish it with the name that you provide me with.

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