Thursday, 20 December 2012


Australia is an island continent that has a lot of water restrictions and high water bills as well known by most of us. Even though gardening is great in many ways, it can get quite dear as well. When planting, it is good to consider whether your plants are immune to drought and so forth. It is also wise to use methods and materials that will keep your soil moist for longer. Other ways of saving water are important too but here, I will share with you how we have chosen to plant our trees in a water-wise way. 

We used a drainage pipe (as it makes watering easier, the use of water more efficient and is so much cheaper than many other watering solutions), water crystals and some mulch as our water-friendly materials. 

First, Mr. Hubby dug holes where the trees were to go. We made sure that the holes as well as the tree roots were well soaked. 

Then, we placed the drainage pipe making sure that it was long enough to have both ends out of the ground. 
After that, we put some water crystals in the middle of the hole, around the pipe. 

We also added some organic chicken manure with Blood & Bone.

We placed the tree in in the middle of the hole with the soil that it originally had. After this stage, we filled in the hole making sure that the tree was upright. We firmly patted down the soil on top. Then, we watered the plant generously with some seaweed mixture. (We repeated the application of the seaweed mixture about a week later as well.) Lastly, we layered some mulch (approximately 5cm thick) around the tree trunk and the pipe ends. 
Tree planting - no mulch as yet
All we need to do know is to water the trees (from the pipes) every few days. (We particularly try to water them the night before a hot day). 

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Karen said...

Brilliant!! What kind of trees are you planting? Just being nosey :)

Mrs. Lucky said...

All fruit trees! We are a family of 'fruit monsters' from the youngest to the eldest. Kids are already too impatient to wait for the trees to grow and give something that they can munch on :-)

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

Yay good on you, you will not regret the fruit trees. I have 8 here and honestly if you have to garden you might as well get some reward!

Sharon@FunkenWagnel said...

Fantastic! We want to plant heaps of fruit trees as well, as long as I don't kill them!

Mrs. Lucky said...

It is a real pleasure to see something grow from the beginning and also be able to pick some fruit from a tree and eat it there and then Mel. Most trees are not so fragile Sharon. With a bit of care and love, I am sure they will be all fine. Fruit trees are the best!

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