Tuesday, 4 December 2012


I have been writing about our new garden adventures recently. Even though this is the third post of mine on this topic after this and that, this was actually what we did on one of the first days after taking the plunge on the transformation of our garden.

We had some big old native gum trees in the garden and they started posing a risk for us in the last few years and we noticed it better after one of them broke in half on a stormy day last year. We were lucky that it didn't cause a huge issue as it only landed on our washing lines and damaged that only while we were all asleep at night. It could have been much worse. This was one of the main reasons why we preferred not to keep them any longer. There were a few other reasons too.
tree cutting

We contacted a few places regarding tree cutting and mulching and decided to work with the company (Mets All Tree Cutting Service) that offered us the best deal. One morning, the owner, Paul, and his assistant from Mets company came, cut our three big trees, mulched them, cleaned the area and left within an hour. We asked them to leave the mulch with us as we wanted to use it in the garden. They couldn't bring their work machine to our backyard, so the mulching happened at the front yard and we transported it to the backyard later on the day.
mulch from the garden

After they left, another company started its work in our garden. This time, it was Sontec (0409 695 927) that came in and using their small excavator removed all the roots and dug up the whole area which had lots of old root pieces, stones and large rocks, which we separated from soil using our handmade tool later on. 
digging up the garden

working in the garden

Now, our garden has so much more usable space that we have already started utilising excitedly. Stay tuned to see what else is happening there!
small rocks from the garden
The stones that we have saved from our garden before distributed evenly. 


Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

That's great! Since you started the veggie garden, you should try some mini fruit trees. They don't grow too big and the kids can eat fresh fruit. We buy a couple each year. Certain types can be grown in the same hole, double the fruit, better pollination and best of all more space for other trees.

Mrs. Lucky said...

I am yet to look into the dwarf trees as I am not quite sure whether their genetics are modified to make them so small or not and how it would affect us. Also, do you actually plant a few trees each year? Do the previous year's trees still stay there while planting a new one right next to them? Very interesting! I must look into it too! Thanks for all that homework you have given me :-)

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