Monday, 30 April 2012


As a mother of two, I know how challenging it can get to change a baby's nappy. If you are a mother or a father of a young child, there is no doubt you'd (or will in the near future) know what I am talking about. Here is one of the tricks that I use which does not fail me in most cases.

Have a colourful pair of baby or kids socks (or with an attractive pattern like a monkey face) on your baby's hands (no, there is no typo here. I do mean 'hands', not feet). In my case, Miss Junior mastered taking off her socks from her tiny feet in a few seconds a while back and it is not a 'long term' distraction anymore. So, at this stage, I generally cover her hands with a pair of socks and it often amazes her and keeps her busy for a while whilst I change her nappy. You may need to do it a few times until the operation (!) is complete but as long as your bubba is happy and it allows you the time to finish off the change, there is no problem with that!
Small metal bells
Small bells

Here is my favourite for you: You can make your own silly pair of socks particularly for nappy change times. You don't need to be a great tailor or a dress maker for this. As long as you know how to sew a button roughly, you are professional enough for this project. Just sew up a few buttons randomly or a face like details, small pieces of ribbons, one or two little bells that you can easily find at craft stores etc onto an old sock and during nappy change, put it on over your baby's hand. This will be a great distraction as well as a stimulant for your baby's development. If you like, you can make a few of different ones and alternate as your baby gets used to one.

Enjoy a day when you can change your baby's nappies easily :-)

Note: Make a silly sock and put it in your nappy change bag that you use out and about. This will make diaper change much less stressful when at the shops, in the car, at cafes/restaurants etc.


EarthyMamma said...

wow must try this with ahmed! at the moment we are amused by a water spray bottle but im sure that will only last so many days!

Mrs. Lucky said...

You won't regret it EarthyMamma. It is a real winner! Please share the picture of your silly socks/distraction socks when you have/make them.

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