Friday, 6 April 2012


I enjoy working with fabric and coming up with different designs for fun. One of the things you can do with fabric is flowers. This is one of the many very easy fabric flower styles that even your children can achieve a great result of by themselves (be mindful of needles).

To make a flower similar to below, you can easily use some scrap fabric pieces. You can use various types of fabric and the size is totally upto you too. Even for the same flower, you may prefer to have different sizes of petals (eg. one large, one small, one large, one small and so on). Especially a small to medium sized flower can easily be formed by putting 5 petals together but you can change the number of it if you see the need for it. There is not many right or wrong options with this project. 

Note: Please excuse my poorly taken photos.

pink fabric
1) Cut out a circle shaped fabric piece (You will need about 5 of them in total)

making fabric flowers
2) Fold the circle in half 

easy fabric flower pattern
3) Fold it in half once more so that it forms the above shape and stitch the wider/open end

flower tutorial with pictures
4) Hand stitch the fabric flower petals

DIY fabric flower
End result

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