Wednesday, 13 February 2013

RECIPE: Red Lentil Koftas

Red lentil koftas

Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan or an omnivore, this easy to make, healthy and filling recipe is something that you will enjoy and benefit from. It makes a great high protein and fiber dish for your family, or for your guests. It can stay in the fridge for a few days after you make it which makes it even more desirable especially if a busy day is ahead of you or you are a person who would like to get organised  in advance when hosting. 

Red lentil
Red lentils

 Red lentil (3 cups)
Fine bulghur/cracked wheat (2 cups)
4 cups of cold water
Some oil (2-3 tablespoonsful) 
Tomato paste (2 tablespoonsful)
Lemon (to taste) (1 medium to large sized lemon would do well)
Parsley (about a small bunch)
Spring onion (approximately a small handful)
Salt to taste (2-3 teaspoonsful)
Chilli flakes/hot chilli powder (optional) 

Bulgur - Cracked wheat
Washed and drained fine cracked wheat/bulghur


Wash and drain lentils and put in a pot with 4 cups of cold water. Let the lentil boil well and when the water is mostly absorbed, turn off the stove, add your washed bulghur in it and close the lid. 

While they are resting on the side, start making the rest. Put some oil in a pan and add the tomato paste to it. Heat them up for a minute or so and then add this mixture to the lentils. Squeeze some lemon on it, add your chopped parsley, spring onion, salt and chilli powder and mix well with your hands. Make koftas and serve with some fresh juicy lettuce while cold. You can either serve them as is or wrap them in lettuce leaves.

Note: This recipe is for a large quantity (perfect when hosting a party/lunch/dinner). You can only use half of the ingredients if you like. 

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