Tuesday, 5 February 2013


There are so many stunning examples of great dish designs all over the net and most of the ones that I share with you come from either pinterest or facebook. However, unfortunately, most are not linked back to the original designers. Therefore, they are all anonymous. It makes me uncomfortable to share them without giving them a link or mentioning their names. So, I stopped sharing food design posts a while back but then, I came across with an article on dailymail.co.uk the other day and felt the urge to get back to it again, hopefully inspiring others (using some (unknown-to-me) inspirational people's work). Click here to access to the article on dailymail.

I wish I could find a way to access to the owners and their sites of all those designers that own the pictures below and the others that I refer to as 'unknown source' so that I could show my respect to them as well as giving you the option of checking out their most likely many other great work with only a click from here. Unfortunately, I am unable to do so but I do send my respect to the people behind all that effort and those amazing results. Many make me smile.

Talking about smiling... Yesterday, I left a message on the beautiful blog of Amy (Lots of Pink Here) asking for a pattern. Not only was she generous to share her own pattern for free with her readers, she was also quite prompt with her personal e-mail reply and her response was just lovely. She made me smile and gave me one other reason to keep following her blog and her work in general. I can't get enough of people with good manners. Great work Amy!

Now, going back to the actual topic of this post and leaving you with some amazing food design pictures.
Unknown source
Unknown source
Unknown source
Unknown source


amy said...

I'm so very flattered! 😘😘😘

Mrs. Lucky said...

One great blog by a talented person with a lovely personality. This had to be shared!

Mutluluklar Sokağı said...


Mrs. Lucky said...

Begenmis olmaniza sevindim. Geribildiriminizi burada paylastiginiz icin de tesekkur ederim. Simdiden ellerinize saglik diyorum.

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