Friday, 8 February 2013


Note: I have added two new logo options to this post as one very generous and skillful person, Jessica May Turner, has come up with some designs for me after seeing my post on The Sewing Library.

As you know, I have a handmade business called MADE BY Y. I am in the process of changing my business logo and these are the 6 options that my husband and I have come up with. I have been seeing them so much recently that it became almost impossible to look at them objectively, as an outsider, with a different eye. I would REALLY APPRECIATE any feedback on them as well as a comment left here or on my facebook page to indicate which one is your favourite. I have randomly numbered them to make it easy for you to vote for them. Please feel free to be as honest as you can be (as long as contstructive too). Thanks in advance.

Note: The logo will need to be used on business cards, as a thumbnail on Facebook, as a tag on garments and as a logo everywhere else including etsy/madeit.
Option #1
Option #2

Option #3
Option #4

Option #5

Option #6

Option #7

Option #6


vickilw said...

I am loving option 6....simple, and love the vintage look black and white gives to the thread :)

Mrs. Lucky said...

Thank you so much vickilw for taking the time to leave a comment for me here. I appreciate it. There are some people commenting on facebook as well at this stage. I hope I can get a lot of opinions and hopefully that makes my decision process a bit easier. Can't wait to make up my mind at the end! Thanks again.

Janet McKinney said...

Damn - I really liked 2 when I saw it, and then again, I liked the last one too. The second one will be cheaper to make labels for.

Memories Of Mine said...

I like option 6, it is simple yet memorable.

Mrs. Lucky said...

Thanks Janet and Memories of Mine. I now have even more options in hand (two already added here as option #7 and #8 and one just sent to me through a private message from a friend)and it makes me even more excited and confused now. I hope I can decide soon!

Sharon@FunkenWagnel said...

I like 4,5 and 6. Sorry I can't narrow it down further

Krissy's Boutique said...

I love #2, but would change the 'Y' to make it look like the one in #7 :) They are all quite good though! Good luck with your decision!

Mrs. Lucky said...

Welcome to my blog Krissy and thank you so much for your opinion. Hopefully sometime soon, I will have a brand new logo!

Martha Bucher said...

I also like opt. 6 and 1: one is more formal in a sense, and 6 is more whimsical

Martha Bucher said...

I also like opt. 6 and 1: one is more formal in a sense, and 6 is more whimsical

Mrs. Lucky said...

Thank you Martha very much for taking the time to share your opinion here with me.

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