Friday, 12 October 2012

Blast from the Past Competition Results

Before I happily announce the top 3 winners of the last giveaway, I would like to say that it was truly a pleasure to read through all those games that each entrant has listed. I hope our children and the generations after them can think of at least as many games when they dig into their childhood memories as well when they are adults. Thank you all for your time and effort.
The winners are as follows (respectively):

1. Shiitake
2. Katherine
3. Jess 

I will need Shiitake to choose her 3 prizes from the list in the next few days and let me know by Wednesday the 17th of October. Once I receive the e-mail/message and I know what she has chosen, I will contact Katherine and let her know what other prizes are available for her to choose from. She will be choosing 1 prize from the remaining. After she does it in a few days again, I will contact Jess to let her know of her prize. The sponsors will also be informed of who has taken what.

Just a reminder also that all Melbournian entrants will be eligible for a 20% discount from Organic Origins as mentioned in the giveaway post on the blog as well. To be able to claim it, please contact me by Wednesday the 31st of October, 2012 and I will be providing you with the relevant information for you to have a valid claim.

The prizes are proudly sponsored by:

 Printcraft Wall Decals
 MeeMee's Little Munchkins
 Emma Loves to Sew!
 Organic Origins

NOTE: Anyone (existing entrants and others) is most welcome to feel free to add to the list more games anytime you get a chance to just so that we can have a good collection of many-forgotten-games that we may be able to pass on to our children with some conscious effort. To do so, just click here, scroll down until you see the 'comments' option and add your list in the comments section. 


Mrs. Lucky said...

All sorted. Every has happily claimed their prizes that they had set their eyes on.

Shiitake said...

I just wanted to say thanks for holding the competitions. I've received the dress from Mee Mee's Little Munchkins which will be heading to my niece for Christmas. I'm eagerly awaiting my orders from Organikare (Chocolate Coconut Butter & Conscious Chocolate) and my dino spike hoodies from EmmaLovesToSew - they are so cute!

Mrs. Lucky said...

Sounds like lots of goodies to be enjoyed for you Shiitake! Thanks for the feedback too by the way.

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