Monday, 23 July 2012


patates koftesi

These are the photos of some vegetarian koftas that were made for us on a visit to a beautiful family less than a month ago. I enjoyed them so much just like everyone else around the breakfast table that I had to take some photos and share the recipe with you all.

Note that the recipe normally includes some chopped parsley as well but on the day, the host family did not have any in hand, so these potato patties were made without parsley (they were still very delicious!).


Boiled and mashed potatoes (about 4 medium sized)
Some stale/not fresh bread (inside) or some bread crumbs (about a handful)
1 egg
200g grated tasty or mozzarella cheese
Chopped fresh parsley
Cummin powder (optional)
Black pepper
Some oil (preferably olive oil) for shallow frying

vegetarian patties

Make a dough using all of the ingredients required except for bread/ bread crumbs. Add the bread/crumbs at the end and make sure it has a nice consistency; not too runny or doughy. Make patties and cook them in high heat. Be sure that the oil is already hot before you start cooking the patties.


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