Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Homemade lemonade recipe

Homemade Lemonade


4 lemons
2 cups of caster sugar
6 cups of water


Mix your water and sugar as well as 1 sliced lemon in a saucepan before turning on the stove. Then, turn on your stove and bring it to boil on high heat. Once boiled, simmer for a few minutes and then leave it to cool down. When luke warm, put it through a sifter. After that, add the juice of the remaining lemons (3 lemons) to the mixture and chill in refrigerator before serving. 

Easy Lemonade


4 lemons
4 cups of water
1/2 cups of caster sugar (some people may prefer this amount to be 2/3 cups)

Squeeze lemons. Mix the lemon juice, water and the sugar well and refrigerate before serving.

Lemonade with Soda Water


4-6 lemons (you need a cupful of lemon juice)
2/3 cup caster sugar
1 cup water
3 cups soda water


Boil the lemon juice and sugar together for a few minutes making sure that the sugar is dissolved well. Leave the mix to cool. To serve, combine the mix with the soda water and add some ice cubes. 

Note: You can add some zest to these recipes if preferred. 

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