Thursday, 19 July 2012

GUEST POST: (TUTORIAL) Block Panel Painting

This guest blog post comes from another blogger, Michaela, who is into arts and crafts and works for a coupon company that offers some good deals on art supplies and more.  She blogs here and they are also on pinterest

After thanking Michaela for this easy to follow 5 step tutorial, I am leaving you with her entry.

block panel painting
(photo by Roger Mommaerts)

I love having colorful decorations in my house; they’re the easiest way to brighten up a room or tie furniture together. I have the hardest time finding art that I like, in the colors I want, and most importantly that I can afford. Most medium to large paintings cost several hundred dollars – especially if they’re one of a kind. That’s when I started looking around for DIY art for your house and I found a lot of great suggestions. Today I’m going to teach you how to make a block panel painting!

Step 1: Buy 9 5X5 canvas blocks and a set of acrylic paint (You can make the blocks bigger or smaller based on the size of the space you want to hang them in).

**They sell them in a few places but I recommend Utretchtart because the blocks are inexpensive and you can buy acrylic paint there too. Also Havedeals has A Utretch Art Supply coupon to save you 40% on paint!

Step 2: Mix - Choose two colors that are close to each other on a color wheel. Mix the colors to create 3 additional shades–a light, a middle, and a dark. (Overall you should have 5 colors: the 2 originals and the 3 mixed colors)

Step 3: Paint - Paint square 1 the lightest (original) color. Paint squares 2 and 4 the lightest mixed color. Paint squares 3, 5, and 7 middle mixed color. Paint squares 6 and 8 the darkest mixed color. Finally paint square 9 the darkest (original) color.

Step 4: Sketch and Design - Sketch several designs to add on top of the squares and then choose your favorite. *Make sure you like your sketch! Then wait for the squares to dry completely. Push the squares together to create a big square and carefully add your embellishment with a new color. (I suggest black or white)

Step 5: Hang your new artwork!

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