Sunday, 6 May 2012


Recently, Mr. Junior came home from his early learning centre with what you see in the picture. I am sure it is quite common for everyone with a child in a preschool to see their pile from school. The label on the resealable bag wrote his name and the name of the fresh herb that he brought home.

It was apparent that they worked on some sprigs on the day. He also showed me some parsley in the school's garden and told me that they had dug up the ground and 'George the gardener' has planted the parsley. He was proud of himself for being a part of it. We were also allowed to pick some parsley to take home with us which we did. On the way back home, we brainstormed how we could use those two types of herbs. They were our treasure of the day.

I really like the idea that kids are exposed to gardening and exploring around the garden. I also very much enjoyed the idea that they worked on some fresh produce from the garden and even brought them home. Activities similar to the ones above definitely make kids more interested in healthy eating and living habits.

I also noticed a notice at the door that the school encourages parents to bring in a variety of foods for snack time. The usual rule for snacks is to bring a piece of fruit for each child. However, the notice mentioned that it would be great to bring a richer variety than just the usual apples and bananas. The examples included celery, large lettuce strips, carrots and more.

As I have mentioned it here as well, in my opinion, it is the responsibility of parents and schools of especially young children that kids are exposed to the 'right' foods and lifestyles. The word 'right' is very subjective. However, some basics such as eating fresh fruit and vegetables and exercising are mostly agreed upon universally.

Do something 'right' today!

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